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pase cambiado perera
Bull...we only had a very few of these, but I was so scared of the terror they could accomplish that I had nightmares for many years afterwards....

Toro, Vaca

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This Snake looks like a dragon, I love it.
My what big teeth you have.


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Camel on the beach in Dubai - photo by Ben Visbeek
Bactrian Camels | These camels have shaggy fur and two humps to help them cope with the temperature extremes of the Gobi desert and surrounding grasslands.
Arabian Camel


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Sloths are one of my favorite animals. Besides the fact that they are adorable I also relate to their love for SLEEP!
February 20,2017- mom sloth and baby sloth
Look at that face! More


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#ovejas, #sheep.
Items similar to Sheep, Lamb art, Nursery art, Sweet Photograph taken of a lamb in New Zealand in Black and white on Etsy
When sheep take over the world. :)


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botanさんはTwitterを使っています: "もらった菜の花美味しくいただきました。/ ` ェ´)


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Water creatures

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Rabbit_9611p | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


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âne Gris Plus
Mike's Donkeys ~ Little Rolo always wants to do what the bigger boys can do! ❤️

Horses / donkeys

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Mother wolf relocating her young one.

Wolfs,foxes, coyote

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Bird Skull    Skull belonging to an unknown American bird species, possibly Cow Bird.
Owl Skull, Barred (Replica) Strix varia:
Cat Skull by nikkiburr


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Guinea pigs

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a white and brown rabbit standing on its hind legs
80+Watercolor Painting Tutorials & LIVE Support from Professional Artists - Beebly's Watercolor Painting
a rabbit standing on its hind legs in the grass
Rabbit_9611p | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a close up of a camel on a beach
Camel riding in Dubai
Camel on the beach in Dubai - photo by Ben Visbeek
a close up of a brown and white guinea pig
Guinea pigs: The ultimate Peruvian pet
Guinea Pig Yawning
a brown and white guinea pig surrounded by daisies
In Loving Memory Of Archie
two brown and white guinea pigs in a bathroom sink
Guinea pigs taking a bath 😍
a small rodent peeking out from behind some white and yellow chrysant flowers
Cute baby yellow Guinea pig among daisy flowers
a white and brown guinea pig laying on top of a pink blanket in a cage
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