Perfect for a goal setting lesson (steps to reach goal and overcome challenges) Ormie the Pig- video to work on overcoming obstacles to achieve success!

Resolución de Conflictos - El Puente - YouTube

The Bridge. Short Film that talks about the story of four animals characters who are trying to cross a bridge and the problems that they have. Great source to talk about conflict and how to solve it.

Aprendemos de los errores

A Cloudy Lesson (HD) VERY CUTE Short Animation Feature by Yezi Xue. Talk about happy accidents. Nice for PSHE.

Use "La Luna" from Pixar shorts for compare & contrast

Use "La Luna" from Pixar shorts. This is my fav short Pixar movie (before the movie brave)

El Encargado - Corto sobre el acoso escolar - YouTube

El Encargado - Corto sobre o acoso escolar - Reflexionamos sobre a conduta dos protagonistas e do mestre. Busca o significado de empatía.

9 Cortometrajes para educar

9 Cortometrajes para educar

The Moon La Luna) Disney Pixar short film - Use it to compare and contrast the two adult figures.

Siete vídeos para educar a los niños en la cooperación

Siete vídeos para educar a los niños en la cooperación

Crea y aprende con Laura: 'Piper', un corto de Pixar sobre la aventura de ap...

Piper, a Pixar short film featuring a baby sandpiper learning to overcome fear of the waves, winner of the Oscar for Animated Short Film, February