Manualidades de Navidad con piñas

There are so many fun things to make for the holidays with just some simple pine cones. Use pine cones from your own collection or purchase.

Muñecos de navidad. Manualidades navideñas para hacer con niños

Pom Pom Snow People Craft these fuzzy snow people from pom-poms for a cute table display. Stick a bamboo skewer through two pom-poms and a Styrofoam ball for a head, and then top off with a felt hat and a pipe cleaner wrapped as a scarf.

Manualidades De Navidad - Parte 5

Use several resources and materials you find round your house to make this nice Xmas cards to greet your family & friends.

we had one of these trees growing up

Clothespin Sucker Tree - cute craft - reuse for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and for more celebrations. Have a clothes pin on top so the top of the tree can be changed.

manualidades navidad piñas niños

Manualidades de Navidad para niños hechas con piñas

Adorable pine cone trees with felted wool balls. I'm saving the idea for the holidays. We'll probably use pom poms in the class at the assisted living home, but I love the felted wool balls. from The Wool Acorn: Tutorial for my Pinecone Trees

Árbol de navidad con papeles de cupcakes

DIY Paper Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees {Holiday Tutorial} Click photo for how to

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