nunca aceptaremos nada menos que te mereces. recuerde, usted enseña a la gente cómo tratarte.

Important Life Lesson.We teach people how to treat us by what we allow or accept from them.accept and allow ONLY the best or walk away.

Crown Chakra Affirmation by CarlyMarie

Crown Chakra Affirmation - I am a being of light and love. I am divinely guided and inspired. I am at one with the universe. I live my life through my higher self. I AM enlightened.


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Los budistas sostienen que las seis sílabas de este mantra se vinculan con la dicha o la meditación (om) la paciencia (ma) la disciplina (ni) la sabiduría (pad) la generosidad (me) y la diligencia (hum). Para algunos líderes como el Dalai Lama el mantra om mani padme hum siempre es útil pero quien lo recita debe pensar en su significado.

Reiki healing music is used to aid relaxation during a reiki session. Reiki prepared music, tibetan singing bowls and chimes can be utilised to great affect.

Gnosis y Transformación Psicológica: Meditación 06: Mantrams para Meditar

Gnosis y Transformación Psicológica: Meditación 06: Mantrams para Meditar

If you truly loved yourself, your could never hurt another. ~ Buddha | Awakening the happiness of the self revealed #love_others #self_love #quote

thats what the buddha said, but its true. If you love yourself and someone insults your looks or personalities why wld u get hurt if you loved urself? and u wldnt hurt the other pple for insulting u.

Om mani padme hum ❤️❤️

"This is my simple religion: there is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart, is our temple; the philosophy is KINDNESS.


If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have is that of your own self-transformation