Chema Madoz

Surreal World

British artist Nancy Fouts creates amazing juxtrapositions that combine unexpected objects, materials, and ideas to create playful and surreal images. Her site doesn't say whether these objects are shown as sculptures or photographs but either would work

Chema Madoz. #fotografía #creatividad

Chema Madoz Creative Photography

Since quite sometime ago Chema Madoz comes up with silver ideas. With his work opens up unexpected spaces, forms of great strength, reaching us all, as it reminds us of something and forces us to unlimited reflexions.

Chema Madoz

I have a small coffin clock, butt how cool would it be to do up a 7 footer as a floor model?

Art:: Chema Madoz

Poetically Surreal Photography (UPDATE) - Photographer Chema Madoz Captures Thought-Provoking Images