Gráficas motivadoras.

If we want to try to have an option w/ both info & graphic just because. 16 posters for an exhibition about Johanne Kolstad, a woman who broke taboos about women in sports. Ski Jumper world record. Valdres Folk Museum in Norway.

affiche ミ design graphism illustration / I was luckily enough to work on the art direction for 5 controversial posters for Amnesty International.

Image with handwritten notes

David Carson- A different idea of what I want to do, but I have found this inspirational from the layout and how he has just almost annotation to this picture showing the feelings of the people and not changing their face. Opening the mind of the woman.

<b>Biennale Golden Bee</b><br>Design Firm bankov posters, Prague; | Creative Team Peter Bankov, art director/designer | Client Golden Bee Biennale Moscow | Details This poster is for a biennial event, the Golden Bee in Moscow.

2015 International Design Awards Winners

"Biennale Golden Bee", Moscow, Design Creative 'Team Peter Bankov' (art director/designer), Prague - Illustration and Graphic Art by Peter Bankov (b.

Typographic Process, Nr 2. From Simple to Complex by Wolfgang Weingart, 34 1/2 x 24 1/4” (1971)

garadinervi: “ Wolfgang Weingart, Typographic Process, Nr Organized Text Structures Typographic Process, Nr From Simple to Complex Typographic Process, Nr Calender Text.