A great way to set up plates for a small buffet.

14 Creative Ideas for the Ultimate Spring Garden Party

Great way to set up plates for a small buffet. I like the idea of layering napkins & plates so no one forgets the napkin!

Pancakes and Pajama party

Pajamas & Pancakes Guest Dessert Feature

Love this idea for table decor: Place 1 vase inside another -> fill gap with candy, etc. -> fill inner vase halfway with water -> secure flowers with rubber band -> place inside inner vase. (Those fruit loops loke disgusting but the idea is cute!

Glamping Party!  Love it!

Ricki Maynard's "Glam Camping Party"


New 1 Week Menu/Grocery List/Recipes

Rainbow Birthday Table: The table is set! A simple white fabric covered the lunch table, adorned with bright party hats and matching plates in every color.


Image The centrepiece of the garden party is this cake table with hanging lanterns of candles and flowers - Bridal Shower instead