Quesitos empanados, unos aperitivos ¡buenísimos!

Aperitivos: quesitos empanados

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Fruit skewer with yogurt dip or fruit fluff!

Individual Fruit Cups with Vanilla Yoghurt. Plastic cups Wooden skewers Vanilla yoghurt 1 Strawberry for each cup 1 Skewer of pineapple chunks 1 Skewer of watermelon 1 Skewer of rockmelon. Assemble and display on a pretty party platter.

Receta de rollitos de salmón rellenos de queso

Receta de rollitos de salmón rellenos de queso

Salmon Roll, Monsieur, Corner, Oriental, Thermomix, Fish, Pica Pica, Seafood, Venezuelan Recipes

Цветы из перчиков и ветчины, закуска украшение стола. МК.


mama papillon: Bombones de queso de cabra y mermelada de vino

goat cheese truffles with red wine jelly filing rolled in crushed marcona almonds