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Carol Shepko
Rosemary Buczek sample sheet for workshop

Shades of (Paynes) Gray

Rosemary Buczek design, my attempt at monochromatic painting... In the "better-late-than-never" department, here is my post on the IAMPETH convention, which took place in Milwaukee in early August. Me & Jane Farr Best part by far: hanging out every day with Jane Farr and basking in her talent, knowledge and all around wonderful-ness. We pretty much owned this corner of the hotel's spacious and beautiful bar. Miss you, Jane! Watching the masters in action was well worth the price of admission…

Spencerian Key to Practical Penmanship

La société historique d'Ames | À la découverte de notre histoire, en la préservant, et la partager ensemble

À la découverte de notre histoire, en la préservant, et la partager ensemble

Calligraphy for the calendar. by Marina Marjina, via Behance

Calligraphy for the calendar

Calendar is dedicated to the beauty of trees. Each month corresponds to one of these beautiful creatures. The image of each tree is expressed in poetic quotations.

Or, lumière ~ Shinta S. Zenker

Hebrew Gallery 2

Hebrew Gallery 2 - Shinta S. Zenker, Calligrapher and painter: Artist and teacher

Benoit Furet. Drooling over this Blackletter piece with color and what appears to be walnut ink.

Calligraphie latine par Benoit Furet - Retour au texte

Mes travaux en cours, les techniques, matériaux et outils utilisés, mes réussites et mes échecs, vous saurez tout de ma pratique de la calligraphie, de la gravure et du graphisme en général

Andrea Wunderlich.  Exquisite work.

Авторы | Музей мировой каллиграфии

Мастера каллиграфии. Авторы чьи работы представлены в Современном музее каллиграфии