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IMG_0656 by Katya Minkina  ~  x

IMG_0656 by Katya Minkina ~ x

Tus obras son maravillosas, como muy bien percibe mi alma. (Salmo 139:14)  Golden Pheasant.  SB

The Golden Pheasant or "Chinese Pheasant", (Chrysolophus pictus) is a gamebird of the order Galliformes (gallinaceous birds) and the family Phasianidae. It is native to forests in mountainous areas of western China, but feral populations have been establi

Lindas Palomas...

Cordon blue finches (male has red cheeks). * * " MALE FINCH: " It's a wonderful life;" FEMALE FINCH: " Oh yeah, wunnaful. I haz to lay de eggs and feed screamin' beaks while you fly around to yer little birdie heart's content.


"The Mourning Dove is a member of the dove family (Columbidae). The bird is also called the Turtle Dove or the American Mourning Dove or Rain Dove, and formerly was known as the Carolina Pigeon or Carolina Turtledove"

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