DIY ramas con pompones de colores

DIY home decor using twigs, pom-poms and a glue gun! only use white pom poms

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Great tattoo idea for the tat I want in memory of Mamaw. She use to always play guitar to me!

What a great use of an old refrigerator.  Now I need to build one for my backyard....

Old Refrigerator Repurposed To Patio Ice Chest! Old Refrigerator Repurposed To Patio Ice Chest! was last modified: October 2013 by admin

Jardines verticales DIY

Jardines verticales hechos con palets de madera

My today's DIY pallet recycling project is dedicated to home gardening lovers. Because in this post we'll discuss about vertical pallet planters for home

recibidor de palets de estilo romántico

DIY Crafting Ideas with Recycled Wood Pallets: The items that are already used are available inexpensive and when it comes to the wood pallets, they are best to

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Re-use old closet beadboard doors for John's storage chest! -- Pallet Chest on Wheels