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10 ideas DIY para crear tu propio calendario de Adviento

Picture frame crafts ideas using old picture frames in new ways. Ideas for recycling picture frames include making a table, loom, tray, earring or bow holder. Picture frame crafts for kids and adults.

Calendario Adviento hecho a mano con tubos de papel y una pegatina de carton numerada

Do your toilet paper rolls stack up like ours do? Well, there are brilliant toilet paper roll crafts for you to do with your kids. It& a great way to re-use them. We& rounded up 18 ways you can create awesome things with toilet paper rolls.

Un Calendario de Adviento perfecto para realizar actividades con los niños que nos recuerdan al Salvador y nos acercan más a Él.

10 Calendarios de Adviento para armar

Twenty Five Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar and 25 Homemade Advent Calendars on Frugal Coupon Living plus ideas for your Christmas Cookie Exchange and Homemade DIY Christmas Gift Ideas.

DIY · CALENDARIO DE ADVIENTO + DESCARGABLE - Fácil y Sencillo | Fácil y Sencillo

DIY · CALENDARIO DE ADVIENTO + DESCARGABLE - Fácil y Sencillo | Fácil y Sencillo

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Why buy a boring chocolate filled advent calendar when you could DIY a great personalised one and fill it with fun little gifts, your children will love it more too!


Numbered balloons designed to be filled with treats. A chocolate, toy and a joke for children is provided for each day