10 Manualidades para Niños con Cajas de Cartón

10 Manualidades para Niños con Cajas de Cartón

Coches de carreras con rollos de cartón

Craft : Toilet paper roll = body Disposable plastic lids = wheels Straws = rod to keep wheel in place Paint paper roll, assemble car, race away!

Camión de juguete con cartón de leche

movement:transport: wheels and axles recycling skills: cutting, joining, decorating

Pequeños juguetes hechos con material reciclado

Ideas para hacer juguetes reciclados

cars & trucks from recycled cartons & containers. they look awesome and are easy to make with your kids

manualidades con cartones de leche - Buscar con Google

DIY with a milk carton, wrapping paper, and--to make it a kid-safe craft--Candle Impressions Flameless Tea Lights. Make this a perfect holiday craft by using Christmas wrapping paper!