I have to admit, I am a very sloppy eater. If there is a speck of dirt to be found anywhere in the room, it usually ends up splattered on my chest! I don’t know how or why, but dirt just seems to LOVE me. I scoured through Pinterest in search of a stain fighter …

DIY Laundry Stain Remover Pinner said: I found several old baby clothes that had yellow stains on them that were really dark. Some cleared up after one treatment, others after two. I was only left with a few items that didn't clear up!

Cómo limpiar la grasa de los armarios de la cocina

Cómo limpiar la grasa de los armarios de la cocina

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Estos consejos prometen hacer nuestra vida un poco más sencilla y de una forma muy casera y económica.

Raros, pero efectivos trucos de limpieza

"The fats and oils in soaps create problems with soap scum," Lynn Marie Bower tells Housekeeping Channel. But since body wash is technically a detergent, it's specifically formulated to prevent gross crud from caking up in the shower.

20 Baking Soda Uses That Will Leave You Feeling Amazed

Use Baking Soda to Clean : 20 different cleaning Ideas!

We have shared with you some ultra amazing baking soda hacks and we have told that this is probably the most amazing product ever invented in our life.

Te contamos todo lo que puedes hacer con bicarbonato sódico para limpiar tu casa de forma sencilla.

15 trucos de limpieza con bicarbonato sódico para tu cocina

Tener un ambiente limpio y saludable en la cocina es un aspecto fundamental para nuestro hogar. ¡Anota estos consejos!

Consejos para mantener la cocina limpia y saludable

Cleaning: The Critical Points In The Kitchen You Have To Pay Attention To Pay more attention to these Critical Areas in your Kitchen. Clean them well and often, and maintain HIGH Levels of Hygiene.