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Kool-aid lip stain #DIY I just tried it and it works but oh man, did it burn. Make sure you don't have chapped lips! That would be torture!

DIY Easy Kool-Aid Lip Stain from The Beauty Department here. If you go to the link they tell you what color you get for lip stain from each Kool-Aid color. Photos by Amy Nadine. *For a Two Ingredient Kool Aid Lip Gloss Tutorial go here.

i think is filled with emo quotes

Tell people how you feel. For me, it is so much easier to write it than to say it. I'm just not sure how to change that, for I wish I had the courage to actually say aloud how I feel.

β€œ ginny weasley & blood, requested by redhead-ginny ”

Ginny Weasley: When you have been possessed by an extraordinarily powerful dark wizard, blood & gore doesn't exactly faze you.


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