GREAT picture!!  nice shoes! :-)

JUST because I love this idea. Love the yellow and of course the CHUCKS :)! Converse wedding shoes and an old truck. Vintage trucks and weddings at Red Barn Ranch in San Diego are a great fit


I wish I had a picture with my Granny's hands. I loved to sit and play with the wrinkles and blood vessels on her hands. My mother had the same hands and my children loved to sit and trace the vessels on her hands. Those hands so full of love.

Little girls reactions to the first kiss at a wedding. SO cute!

Little girls reactions to the kiss at a wedding. this is priceless! I love watching the little kids when the kiss happens

Good excuse to wear your wedding dress again...take pictures with your girlfriends once you're married :)

Great site for vintage wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and decor.BHLDN by Anthropologie

I love the dad putting on her shoes, like when she was a little girl. cute!

Or some kind of father/daughter prep shot. Father putting the brides shoe on . Mom putting veil on, Father putting shoes on never heard of but sweet. Love the way bride is leaning towards Dad.

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