CANVAS - Galaxias

Las mejores galaxias de la galaxia. Listas para imprimir sobre un Canvas.
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an image of a spiral galaxy with stars in the background
Qué es el "huracán de materia oscura" en el que se encuentra la Vía Láctea
Ilustración de la Vía Láctea
an image of a spiral galaxy in the sky
NGC 2903-RGB
NGC 2903-RGB | by collirob
an image of the galactic sky with stars and planets in it, taken from space
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two spirally shaped objects in the sky, with stars and space dust around them
The Space Store - Shop SpaceX and NASA Merch | Things Of The Stars
an image of some kind of colorful object in the sky with many colors and shapes
10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner - Society19
an image of the earth from space with stars in the background and blue hues
Julio Maiz on Twitter
Julio Maiz (@maiz_julio) / Twitter
an image of a spiral galaxy in the night sky with stars around it and bright light shining on its side
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an image of the andromidus galaxy
Milky Way galaxy is 'warped, twisted' not flat: Study
Milky Way Galaxy (Image courtesy: Wikipedia)
two spiral shaped objects are in the middle of a space filled with stars and dust
NGC 474: Majestic Galaxy encased within 'shells' [720x960]
an image of a purple and blue swirl in the sky with stars all around it
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an image of a computer screen with the mac oss logo on it's left side
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an image of a colorful space with stars
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the andromidus galaxy is seen in this image taken by an astronomical camera
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an image of the sky with stars and clouds in purple, green, blue and pink colors
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