Tarta gigante de bloques lógicos

When on the day of a student's birthday. Allow them to complete the cake! They receive reward "bucks" depending on the amount of time it took to complete


Mazes can be used to teach the computational thinking skill, efficiency. It makes students think about the different outcomes a maze can have.

Càpsules repte pels estudiants que acaben aviat. Després d'acabar el seu treball diari, poden escollir una de les càpsules i fer la tasca. Poden tenir codi de dificultat segons el color de les tapes, o segons apartats de l'àrea (tapa groga activitat d'escriptura, tapa blava vocabulari, tapa vermella lectura...)

Neat idea for all camps. Could work as a"panic game/activity " Art Challenge capsules for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving :) teacher-teacher-teacher