Toledo, Spain

This is Toledo Spain. I've never heard of Toledo until a last week when I saw it in the travel section of the newspaper. It sounds amazing!

CIUDAD DE TOLEDO, Toledo, Castilla la Mancha

Toledo is such a beautiful city and it looks even more gorgeous at night. Its breathtakingly beautiful and I would love to just stare at the city all night.

Toledo, Spain

Birth place of Ferdinand II of León - Mike's grandfather. Ferdinand II's granddaughter and Mike's great-grandmother, Berengaria of León - was married in Toledo to Jean de Brienne -

Toledo, la ciudad de las Tres Culturas ·Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz  Esta mezquita es la única que se conserva completa de las diez que hubo en Toledo. Es originaria del año 980.

Toledo - Mezquita de la Luz, ca. the only extant mosque of the 10 that once stood in Toledo. This small structure is missing its mihrab and shows influence of later Morisco style.