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several pieces of wood sitting on top of a white floor next to eachother
AURORE | Collection zellige
AURORE | Collection zellige
the floor is made up of hexagonal tiles with red and white flowers on them
Barcelona - Girona 122 s08
a white and green tile with circles on it's sides, against a gray background
Mosaico Hidráulico Moderno - mosaic factory
four square tiles with circles on them in pink and white, arranged against a gray background
a person standing on a tiled floor with white shoes
an empty room with white cupboards and black and white floor tiles on the ground
Cement Tile, Moroccan Tile, Black and White Tile | Riad Tile
Cabinet color and hardware
a kitchen with an island, table and chairs next to a window on the wall
Kitchen with Yellow and Pink Cement Tile Flooring | MOSAIC FACTORY
a chair sitting in front of a window next to a tiled floor with green squares on it
a red chair sitting on top of a blue and white floor next to a wooden bench
All Tiles
an image of a blue and white hexagonal tile pattern on the wall or floor
Revestimientos Artesanales | Buenos Aires
two wooden stools sitting next to each other on a tile floor with blue circles
Mosaico Hidráulico