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an advertisement with the words ice walls are popular in home building who knows what icf stands for?
Tuesday Trivia
ICFs are typically made with two layers of foam connected by plastic webbing that holds these layers together, creating a space between the foam for concrete. ICFs come in different widths and styles, and each ICF block interlocks with surrounding blocks during assembly. Unlike conventional wood or steel forms that get stripped off after concrete has hardened, the foam layer of ICFs stay in place for insulation. Just below the surface of the foam are plastic flanges made to accept screws for securing finished wall coverings. ICFs provide structure, insulation, vapour barrier and wall finish attachment functions all in one.
a white house with the words net zero homes in canada on it's front
The Beauty of Energy Efficiency: Net Zero Homes in Canada
Net Zero Homes put on their best show yet in this year’s CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence. From rustic to modern, budget-friendly to luxury, new builds to renovations, qualified Net Zero builders and renovators across Canada showed that Net Zero Homes are pushing the envelope in energy efficient design, construction, and renovation.
the average energy consumption for homes is shown in this graph, which shows that they are more efficient than those
Energy Consumption
Today is #Energyefficiencyday. Energy Efficiency is not only good for the environment but also good for your pocket book. Our members are committed to helping make your home as #green as possible. #greenenergy #Greenhomes #pghomeshow #netzero #Enviroment
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Fred Surridge Ltd
If you are a #homebuilder, you know the damage water can do to a home if it goes where it is not supposed to, let the experts at Fred Surridge, a Canadian Home Builders' Association of Northern BC member, keep you high and dry. (250) 564-4340 #MemberProfile
an energy efficient home that needs industry standards
Building energy efficient homes.
Building energy efficient homes.
a large kitchen with white cabinets and wooden flooring, along with an island in the middle
6 Home Building Trends You Should Consider for 2024—and One Incudes Pickleball Courts
6 Home Building Trends That Are Undeniable for 2024
an illustrated diagram of the inside of a house with all its components labeled in it
How to turn your apartment into a sustainable home
Want to take care of our planet? 🌏 You can start in your own home. Follow these simple tips to turn it into a environmentally friendly place 🏘👍 #enviroment
the certificate for an award is shown in this image, it appears to be signed
Carbon Monoxide
Nov 1 to 7 is #CarbonMonoxideAwarenessWeek in B.C. During this week, fire departments, educators, government & industry work together to teach people about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, the symptoms & sources, and how to avoid becoming ill.
a person using a pair of scissors to cut wood
Skilled trades
Is a career in skilled trades right for you? Carpenters build the world around us, from our homes, city centres, and more. They are collaborative and enjoy physical and precise work—as well as the reward of seeing their projects materialize. Learn more about this career and training at:
the logo for vipeq's thermal cookshield, which is located in canada
Thermal Cork
Thermal CorkShield is the most advanced green energy product on the market. Apply the functionality of cork to your home to provide environmentally friendly insulation, sound absorption, & water protection. In #PrinceGeorge #MemberProfile Gordon Bliss 250-640-2848
two pictures one with a building and the other has a statue of a man holding a canadian flag
With a location here in #PrinceGeorge to help the #contractor!! #Memberprofile 795 4th Ave Phone: 604-594-4142 Uppal Building Supplies offers a wide variety of building materials and services that are backed by a strong organization of well-trained and motivated staff. Located in Surrey, BC, we are the Lower Mainland’s foremost supplier of vinyl soffits, siding, decking materials, downpipes, and we specialize in custom made flashing to suit your building needs.
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Heat pumps
Canadian households could cut their energy bills by $10.4 billion and reduce climate pollution from home heating by 19.6 million tonnes by 2035 by using heat pumps for cooling rather than air conditioners, a new report concludes.
a forklift with several boxes on it in a warehouse
Green Construction 101: Everything You Need to Know - EcoWatch
the team of mark behnard, joe hart, and stephanie carigna stopped for a photo - op in the historic community of davison creek
Dawson Creek
The team of Mark Bernhardt, Joe Hart, Gaetane Carignan, Angele Heinrichs and Terri McConnachie stopped for a photo-op in the historic community of Dawson Creek. As we bring amazing educational opportunities to Northern BC!
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North West windows
NorthWest Window and Door is a locally owned and operated company servicing Prince George since 1996. We are your local leader in Window and Door Sales and Service, catering to the building and renovation market with a complete line of energy efficient windows, as well as an extensive assortment of entry doors. Our customers range from the do-it-yourselfer looking for a stock window, to the custom home builder utilizing the latest design and technology.