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15 Regalos para tu novio hechos con las manos y tu corazón

Ulsan, Korea

Quite an awesome place to have a visit. Situated in Ulsan, Korea. About Ulsan: Ulsan, officially the Ulsan Metropolitan City, is Sout.


South Korean Flag love the meaning behind it. I've also heard that the short and long lines along with representing the elements also represent the strong protecting the weak and the weak protecting the strong. Like the taegeuk, its all about BALANCE.

Cada vez más cerca de ti

Most bridges connect river banks, cities, and commutes. This bridge connected me to you. Picture is by sugarmints on DeviantArt

Seoul, Korea

The people are eager to learn and teach any and everything they can. I taught English and learned Korean as a hobby during my time there.

Springtime in Korea!

It's Springtime

South Korea is a country of drastic seasonal changes and they are very proud of this characteristic.

Coreano (Corea del Norte y del Sur)

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