Rollitos de verduras

Baked and healthy Southwestern Eggrolls.these actually get crispy! Can add chicken for extra protein to make a meal. Made about 16 egg rolls! Baked and healthy Southwestern Eggrolls.

Y dale con las peras...brocheta de pera con jamón país y queso!!!!!

Prosciutto Wrapped Pears with Blue Cheese This 3 ingredients, easy to make appetizer is sweet, salty, tangy and hard to stop after eating just one!

¿Listos para la deliciosidad? - Eso que oyes son tus tripas rugiendo

¿Listos p ara la deliciosidad? - Eso que oyes son tus tripas rugiendo

Quesitos empanados, unos aperitivos ¡buenísimos!

Aperitivos: quesitos empanados

Canapés en rollito. Rápidos y bonitos!

Canaps are served at nearly every fancy party, as the glorified sandwiches tend to be a popular favorite. Ham and cheese canaps are the most commonly served, as they are cheap, easy, and qui

Mini churros con dulce de leche en vasos de chupito o shot glasses. No te pierdas las 41 ideas de mini foods para bodas.

41 Ideas de Mini Foods para Bodas ¡Tendencia para Degustar!

Entertaining for cocktail wedding reception dinner party engagement birthday party: spanish mini churros canapes dessert served in shot glass

mini pizas

Mini Tortilla-Crust Pizzas

I definitly have to try this one! Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas Who said that cupcakes forms are used just for baking cupcakes? I love this recipe. I eat mini tortillas like sun-flower seeds. Very easy to make it, is suitable for a party with your friends.

Estos canutillos de jamón y queso con pan de molde se preparan en un momento con ingredientes sencillos y son deliciosos, muy cremosos en su interior.

Receta de canutillos de jamón y queso

Recetas originales con pan

6 recetas originales, ¡cazuelas de pan

Baked Eggs in Bread Bowls: Photo: Mark Thomas; Styling: Lynn Miller: Serve these adorable baked eggs for breakfast or brunch. At just 88 cents per serving, they're a budget-friendly way to dress up your breakfast table.

Comunión en casa: Ideas de comida muy fáciles

Comunión en casa: Ideas de comida muy fáciles

Bacon sticks they look like dog treats but sound yummy lol food recipe