Catholic Family Summer Activities

Explore a treasure trove of Catholic Family summer activities! Dive into this board for a delightful collection of ideas, crafts, outings, and traditions…
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Relaxation Choices: Comparing Vacation and Staycation for Catholic Moms 🏖️🏡
For Catholic moms seeking a break from the daily grind, explore the distinctions between taking a trip and enjoying time at home. Determine the best way to recharge and enjoy quality time with your family!
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Taking a Break: Understanding Vacation vs. Staycation for Catholic Moms 🌴🏠
Discover the difference between taking a getaway and staying close to home for Catholic moms needing a break from the everyday routine. Find out which option suits your family best!
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God-Centered Activity Ideas for Summer
I want to encourage you, that before this warm weather streak of summer is over, to make some of those activities God-centered. Click here for a full list of Christ-centered activities for the whole family!
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Summer Activities for Catholic Kids - Diocese Events
Summer Activities for Catholic Kids - Diocese Events
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Catholic Activities for Your Summer Break : Elevator to Heaven
As a parent, I love the joy my children find in summer and how that joy saturates every aspect of our family’s life, including our faith. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to grow faith. To that end, here are a few of my favorite summer activities that help us infuse the natural joy of the season into our domestic church.