Para la habitacion Cerro de la silla, en el ventanal con vista a el cerro Comentar con belta la opcion de: Muros: con acabado de concreto pulido. Cielos: de madera. Piso: blanco que ya compro.

LR window seat inspiration--but with thick cushion. (Note how backrest plane and then seat plane expand overall width without having to thicken the wall.) Napa Valley House by Steven Harris Architecture (Architect: Eliot Lee)

Industrial Style Warehouse Light Beam... So very cool!

Warehouse Lights Beam Industrial Vintage Style Loft Shop Garage Chandelier pool in Collectibles, Lamps, Lighting, Ceiling Fixtures

The Bow by Karoleena

The 755 square foot Bow design by Karoleena, a Canadian firm. A simple, clean and modern 1 bath single story prefab home that makes for an excellent weekend or vacation getaway.

Este piso está entre lo minimalista moderno y lo rústico. concreto en blanco

LOVE or NOT: Contemporary rustic minimalism

Mediterranean Living Room with Concrete floors, Birney Round Grey Rattan Basket, Exposed beam