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This Mean Girls reference. | 23 Pictures Only "Lord Of The Rings" Fans Will Think Are Funny

Funny pictures about Aragorn Needs To Learn Manners. Oh, and cool pics about Aragorn Needs To Learn Manners. Also, Aragorn Needs To Learn Manners photos.

Moulin Rogue! (2001) I have a slight obsession with this movie!!!!! And...... Ewan.

Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman portray the characters of Christian and Satine respectively in the movie "Moulin Rogue".


movie poster image for La grande bellezza. The image measures 353 * 512 pixels and was added on 27 February

Not sure if it is Treebeard, but sure looks like him...and is totally epic!

This is Treebeard he is an Ent. Ent’s are living walking trees that protect the forest and to achieve that they later in the book attack isengarde and destroy the water dam and flood the hole aria.