DIY patio furniture. Cinder block bench with back

DIY Cinder blocks + 4 x 4 beams + paint = Instant Bench! Use concrete Adhesive to hold cinder blocks together.

Recycled glass bottle wall

Glass bottle wall with honeycomb pattern. I'm sure if you let the other side be uncovered also it'd look amazing. Something for all my wine bottles Jenn?


DIY Cinder Block 'sofa': TI love how this cinderblock sofa almost takes on a kid-like quality. It's like it's built out of legos! I'd probably toss a cushion across the bench seat, but I love the plants organically growing out of the back.

nossacasinha: Jardim vertical feito com paletes e caixotes de feira. Não é difícil de fazer. Basta prender os paletes na parede e em seguida, os caixotes nos paletes. Use a criatividade para deixar o jardim vertical com a sua identidade.

Artesanato com Reciclagem: Jardim vertical de pallets reciclados. / Crafts With Recycling: Vertical garden of recycled pallets.