Brianda Dailimar Garcia Rodrigues

Brianda Dailimar Garcia Rodrigues

Brianda Dailimar Garcia Rodrigues
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O mas de 3 seguidores estoi "Fuera de servicio" :'c

Quick practice before moving to the next commission. Don't leave me here please, it's dark, cold, lonely. Me: I wont leave you foxy. Me:I love you Foxy! Foxy: I love you too

Me gustaría tener de perdido 3 seguidores pero bueno no es así

This is Foxy he was adopted by Hannah five weeks ago. Foxy is adjusting to his new home very well, he is being so spoiled with the activitys he does. He loves to play with his teddy bear and turtle plushies.

Hay que hermoso

Kawaii-cute pic of kitten. The sweater for a kitten is a good idea. When we fostered-it was winter and one kitten had a shorter coat-he was always cold and getting sick-so we got him a sweater-and it worked, his ears were warm, and he got better.

Jacki y marco

I cried when I saw the episode cause I was so angry of b**ch jackie and sadness. Star's heart was so broken while saw them cause she loves Marco and he's with another girl.