Núria Borràs Casanovas

Núria Borràs Casanovas

Núria Borràs Casanovas
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I searched Blues rock and this came up, I like it, its similar to the colours used in Jack Whites albums. - Auryn

Discover 100 of the best texture photography with hundred. Ameticulous selection of natural textures with colors never seen before filled with exquisite surface patterns of both organic and manufactured goods that will serve you as inspiration.

Suction Seattle Aquarium USA - Nature Abstract Patterns - By focusing on the landscape textures he observes, the photographer Thorsten Scheuermann presents here an abstract series of very graphic photographs.

Seattle Aquarium - Photographer Thorsten Scheuermann takes gorgeous photographs that show the beautiful abstract patterns found in nature. The way he interprets the textures from nature gives a very interesting visual identity.

Rocas acopladas entre si. Es una textura dura, brillante por la manera en la que se refleja la luz, y agrietada debido a los espacios profundizados entre cada roca.

This piece is an example of pattern and texture because of the pattern that the piece makes. The wooden sculpture looks like rocks which seem to have a smooth texture. The light and dark also create visual interest and increases appeal.