La Crucifixión de Pedro (1601) by Caravaggio

Caravaggio - Martirio di San Pietro (The Cruxifiction of Saint Peter) Cerasi Chapel, Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome. Baroque art and architecture. We also have talked about this painting in class. It is painted on canvas

La Vocazione Di San Matteo by Caravaggio

Roma, San Luigi dei Francesi Church - The Calling of Saint Matthew. This is a masterpiece by Caravaggio completed in for the Contarelli Chapel in the church of the French congregation, San Luigi dei Francesi (near piazza Navona), where it remains today.

Le Radeau de la Méduse by Théodore Géricault

The Raft of the Medusa (French: Le Radeau de la Méduse) is an oil painting of by the French Romantic painter and lithographer Théodore Géricault Louvre, Paris, France

Vergine Delle Rocce (1483-1486) by  Leonardo da Vinci

Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci. I love Leonardo, and this is one of the favorites of his works. The faces of the Madonna and the angel are so beautiful, and I love the incredible detail in the background.

Caminante Sobre un Mar de Nubes (1818) by Caspar David Friedrich

And if you "live" for a few seconds, what thoughts do you find yourself?

MC Escher

M. C. Escher aka Maurits Cornelis Escher aka Mauk Leeuwarden, Netherlands) - The Encounter, 1944 Lithograph

MC Escher

M C Escher Relativity Optical Illusion Drawing Art For Home Room Hall Wall Print Decoration poster


Michelangelo Merisi detto il Caravaggio, "San Francesco in Meditazione", 1605

La Liberté Guidant le Peuple (1830) by Eugène Delacroix

Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple) Eugène Delacroix 1830