How to make Laurel Crowns for you Olympic party

How to make Laurel Crowns - I think this is a great craft idea for younger kids when studying Roman history. Craft idea for Welsh badge - lit section

Mitologia Griega para niños.... Para descubrir a temprana edad los dioses que viven en ti! #Arquetipos

Uncle rick taught me this. Heracles is the Roman version of Hercules. Not Atena.

greek pottery patterns - referencing for pysanky ideas - we can see the color palet that they used black with an orange and orange with black.

A Visual Glossary of Greek Pottery

greek pottery patterns - referencing for pysanky ideas - when you get a chance to teach me M Different vase designs to represent different meanings.

Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy

Greek tragedy is a form of theatre from Ancient Greece and Asia Minor. It reached its most significant form in Athens in the century BC, the works of which are sometimes called Attic tragedy.

Hercules Greek Mythology | greek mythology infographic | Infografía S.O.S. #infographic #hercules #mythology

This is an info-graphic of Hercules' trials. This is what he does in order to atone for killing his beloved wife and family.

Etruscan: Athena = ATAANA © Artur Uskumantur 2012 All rights reserved, may not be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission

lionofchaeronea: “Athena, accompanied by an owl Attic red-figure lekythos, attributed to the Brygos Painter, ca. Now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Esta impresión cuenta con Atenea, diosa griega de la sabiduría.  Mide 11 x 17. Impreso en la acción de cubierta.  Todas las impresiones se enviarán sin signo a menos que se especifique en la orden. Personalización está disponible a petición.

11 "x 17" impresión de arte Atenea

This print features Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom. Measures 11 x Printed on cover stock. All prints will be shipped unsigned unless specified in the order. Personalization is available on request.