Juego de sumas

Snap Cubes With Activities to Reinforce Counting, Patterns, Addition and Subtraction - adapt for preshoolers. Color code the numbers to coordinate with the snapping cube colors.

Imaginas estudiar fracciones jugando.. pues nada mas facil!


Maths > Fractions > Paper Math Games: Fractions and Multiplication - fun way for kids to practice math skills at home.

La mejor forma para aprender medidas de ángulos. | Matemolivares

This is a great practical, visual solution for teaching angles!

Es increíble hasta donde hemos introducido las piezas de LEGO en nuestras vidas o por lo menos en las de nuestros hijos. Si hace unos años, la fa...

Una maestra enseña matemáticas a sus alumnos usando piezas de LEGO

Teacher Alycia Zimmerman has been using Lego for years to teach her nine to kids about fractions, square numbers, and other maths concepts that can be tricky to grasp.

CLUB DE IDEAS | 5 ideas para trabajar unidades, decenas y centenas ~ La Eduteca

It seems like most math curriculum and teachers start the year teaching place…

All for the Boys - for "building week" a bunch of great Lego activities around math & spatial/shape recognition

Started by setting out a couple of addition flash cards and the child to make the addition problem with the cubes. Show child that they can self check with the answers on the back. Can also use with Legos!

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Rise and Shine Binder- interactive morning binder-use with the baseball card sorting pages and use two by two so that we can make a 6 digit number

Comparing Numbers - no alligator mouth though!!!

Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!