Resultados del Concurso Opengap Innatur 3

Results of the Architecture Competition Opengap Innatur Opengap organizes the third edition of this open ideas competition seeking for innovative,

Resultados del Concurso Trenčín – City on the River

Results of the Trenčín – City on the River announced by the City of Trenčín as open anonymous international urban design ideas competition seeking

Ganadores de los Premios 2014 WT Smartcity

Winners of the 2014 WT Smartcity Award

Resultados del concurso DOM3 Prize

Results of the PRIZE for Architectural Excellence 2014 competition, an international event that aims to promote the brand in Marbella

Resultados del Concurso Plan Revel

Winners of the Architecture Competition Plan Revel

Ganadores del Concurso Alternative Mobilities

Winners of the Alternative Mobilities Design Competition. New architecture ideas competition for called Alternative Mobilities.

Resultados del Concurso Rebuild by Design

On April Rebuild by Design unveiled the final proposals from the ten Design Teams to improve the physical, social, economic, and ecological resilience of

Ganadores del Concurso ReSpace

International architecture competition ReSpace to design a small, outdoor community gathering space which exhibits exemplary design using reuse materials.

Ganadores del Concurso para el Nuevo Campus Vietnamese-German de Ho Chi Minh

Results of the the design competition for the new Campus of the Vietnamese-German University near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has been decided.

Resultado del Concurso 2014 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholar

Resultado del Concurso 2014 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholar

Resultados del Concurso National Exhibition Centre de Bulgaria

Architecture Competition National Exhibition Centre of Bulgaria

Resultados del Concurso Poor But Beautiful

Bustler: “Poor But Beautiful” winners design parking structures with extra perks for Manhattan, New York City