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Introducing Don't Click Me, a thick and thin style #handwritten brush and ink font to makes you addicted more and more on it. #fonts #typeface #calligraphy #brushfonts

Don't Click Me: Creative Handwritten Script Font Alphabet

Freehand - Auf- und Abstriche fürs Lettering

Been asked a couple of times to show how i do my freehand calligraphy, so here it is! I finally get to post this watercolor trick since i was able to teachit during this morning's class!

How to Make Mirror Folding Table - DIY Crafts - Handimania. That is actually pretty brilliant. Not that I know how to operate a saw, but still.

How to Make Mirror Folding Table - DIY Crafts. Love the mirror and how the…

decoracion 1

Uber-modern and prepared to earn a splash, transparent plastic chairs are ideal for the homeowner who isn't reluctant to be noticed

^*^ I really like the leather straps here

DIY: hanging leather shelf (with command hooks for Matt's bathroom stuff, my bedside table

Shelfs which are hanging on the ropes. Great idea! 15 stunning home decor ideas - Your Dream Home

Suspended shelves-étagères suspendues par Lyonbrocante sur Etsy Plus

Check out the tutorial: #DIY Hanging Shelves /istandarddesign/

Check out the tutorial on how to make DIY Hanging Shelves Industry Standard Design

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