These cute favors feature tiny multicolored bears with red bow ties and flocked fur. These cute bear flocked favors are a fun addition for your upcoming Baby Shower.

los chupetes

Here is another flashback. I had loads of these things.i just remeber them being cool and hanging them around my neck. Dont know what the point of them was though :/ pacifier rings: A toy to me in drug/rave paraphernalia by 1999

Hello Kitty Puffy Plastic Wallets Basically, it turns out Eau de Plastique is the scent of the

- I watched this as a kid. so this is what sparked my Japanese obsession! The one anime I grew up with they should air it again

Bubble gum in a tube - this reminds me of a family holiday to Tenerife years and years ago where I bought this for the first time and when I came home I was amazed to find it in my local shop and bought it for ages

Ay! Que lo he encontrado de casualidad! Que alegría me ha dado verlo! Lo que disfrutaba yo horas y horas con el jardín de agua! Jardín de agua de Pinypon Pin y pon de Famosa.

32 juguetes esenciales que todo niño preescolar de los ochentas tuvo

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.