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a sign that reads everyone is welcome to the library librarians against racism refugees welcome
Swedish librarians at a rally for the support for refugees from Syria
Librarians Unite's photo Education, Humour, School Librarian, Library Lessons, Teacher
Librarians Unite's photo
a poster with different types of information on it
Las bibliotecas pueden llegar a cambiar la vida de las personas
Libraries change lives
an advertisement for rural library with people standing in front of the truck and another person looking at it
1928 Rural Libraries Bulletin
Can you imagine how happy the rural farming families were to see the bookmobile rolling down the road? With books to read, suddenly they weren't so isolated anymore.
an info poster showing the different ways people use social media
I am a {social} librarian… ¿y tú?, ¿también lo eres?
I am a {social} librarian
a poster with the words i have always imagine that paradise will be kind of library
The Stanley Clan: "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library"
there is a poster with the caption that says it's dangerous to google solo
It's dangerous to Google Solo
It's dangerous to Google Solo. Take a librarian with you. by theseeleyg, via Flickr LOVE THIS!
an iphone screen with the text library on it, which is also in black and white
This is a library.
a library card is the smallest and best card for your wallet
The Most Important School Supply
La tarjeta de socio de biblioteca es la tarjeta más inteligente de tu cartera. Yo ya tengo la mía, ¿dónde está la tuya? I've got mine! Where's yours?
the words library doors are a gateway to anywhere
Las puertas de la biblioteca dan entrada a cualquier sitio. Library doors are a gateway to anywhere.
a quote from ray bradbury that says sin bibliotecas, que nos que quendraa? no tenddraamoos pasao ni futuro
"Sin #bibliotecas, ¿que nos quedaría?; no tendríamos pasado ni futuro" Ray Bradbury, autor de "Farenheit 451"
two dolls are standing on top of books
Love in the Library Wedding Cake Topper by lacerubbish on adorable!
what librarians do poster with different types of information on the front and back of it
What Librarians Do
What Librarians Do