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the cover to sempre by jose a gomere ijesia
MAIG-2024 Defreds. Siempre JP DEF
a book cover with two butterflies flying over it and the words ti poura causaad
MAIG-2024 Alina Not. Tú por pura casualidad JN(NOT)AZA Romàntic
two women are facing each other in front of a poster that says caracola
MAIG-2024 Rebeca Stones. Caracola JN(STO)CAR Romàntic
a woman sitting on top of a chair in front of a blue background with the words que fort, goa
MAIG-2024 Míriam Tirado. Que fort, Goa! JN(TIR)GOA
the cover of la caadena de espinas, with an image of a woman
MAIG-2024 Cassandra Clare. La cadena de espinas JN(CLA)ULT Fantàstic.
the cover of la cadena de hero, with an image of a woman in yellow dress
MAIG-2024 Cassandra Clare. La cadena de hierro JN(CLA)ULT Fantàstic
the cover of la cazadena de oro, with an image of a woman holding
MAIG-2024 Cassandra Clare. La cadena de oro JN(CLA)ULT Fantàstic.
a book cover for the novel tods los hombres del rey
MAIG-2024 Laura Gallego. Todos los hombres del rey JN(GAL)TOD Fantàstic.
a book cover with an image of people and a lamp post
MAIG-2024 Judith Kerr. Sota les bombes JN(KER)SOT Històric
the book cover for esttu and l'anna
MAIG-2024 Núria Pradas. Un estiu amb l'Anna JN(PRA)EST Romàntic
a book cover for the novel el palau dossos by nurra alberi
ABRIL-2024. Núria Albertí. El Palau d'ossos. JN(ALB)POR Fantàstic
Aelin Galathynius, Sarah J Maas, Throne Of Glass, Her World, Sarah J, Science Fiction Fantasy, Ooak Dolls, New York Times, Bestselling Author
ABRIL-2024. Sarah J. Maas. Reino de cenizas JN(MAA)REI. Fantàstic
an image of a man flying through the air on top of a red planet with rockets
ABRIL-2024. YoSoyPlex. Epic Battle. JN(YOS)EPI Aventures
a book cover with the title in spanish
ABRIL-2024. Rebecca Yarros. Alas de hierro JN(YAR)ALA Fantàstic.
Million Men, Bad Boys, Holden, Wattpad Stories
ABRIL-2024. Blair Holden. Quien ama ultimo ama mejor. JN(HOL)BAD Romàntic