Mexican tiles talavera style

Suite F- color story- art inspiration Mexican tiles talavera style! We have tile similar to this available at a low cost

Mexican Home Decor Travel Style - Not sure if I would ever be brave enough for all the bright colors - maybe in my desert dream house.

Mexican Home Decor - Travel Style Guide

Oaxaca, beautiful embroidered textiles

There are so many beautiful artists out there: Oaxaca, beautiful embroidered textiles. This type of shirt is commonly called a huipil through Oaxaca state and other regions

Beautiful Guanajuato

A terrific photo of a window in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is located in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico. Photo: Donna Cleveland (V) No other country in the "New World" offers tourism similar riches: gastronomy, beaches, magnificent archeological sites, history, and pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern art. A hallmark of Mexican culture is its plurality, the diversity of ethnic languages and groups, which set out to express their vision of the world. Huicholes / Wixárika and Puerto Vallarta:

Huichol (Mexico) Art - intricate religious symbols composed of seed beads pressed into beeswax over a carved wood base

Mexican Artist

Selection of Mexican Embroideries by "Living Textiles of Mexico" - Living Textiles will document villages, festivals, markets, resources where textiles/garments that are still being worn and made by indigenous cultures in various parts of Mexico

Beautiful Oaxaca

Beautiful Oaxaca