Christina Garcia Rodero. HAITI. Saut d'eau. 1999. This waterfall is the pilgrimage place best representing the syncretism between catholicism and voodoo. The pilgrims, raising their hands to the sky, ask the Lwas (spirits) of Voodoo for favors under the waterfall. On the 16th of July, when tens of thousands of pilgrims gather there, they ask the Virgin, who appeared under the waterfall once, for the same favors in the nearby church built in the 19th century.

Nothing but a happy woman dancing in the rain (Christina Garcia Rodero - Haiti)

Cristina Garcia Rodero

Cristina Garcia Rodero from Spain is one of the finest members of Magnum Photos. Gaining lot of discreet knowledge from art background she took up photogra

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"Rituals in Haiti" (voodoo ceremonies) - Christina Garcia Rodero

Near the Cap Haitien. Pilgrimage to honour the apostle Saint James (Santiago) who is at the same time the Lwa Ogou, god of war.

Cristina Garcia Rodero GERMANY. Berlin. Love Parade

Kiss me in the rain, and let the sky cover you with every drop of my love, running down your soft skin.