Prepositions of time

Learning how to use prepositions of time in on at. This grammar lesson also shows examples of how to use them in a sentence. This site has also many more resources on grammar.

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Linking phrases for academic essays topic Aug 2011 · Linking phrases for essay. An objective or neutral tone is good news in academic writing. Starters for the beginning of essays, sections or paragraphs.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Some adjectives describe the qualities of a noun, for example tall, long, expensive. These are qualitative adjectives.

Camping have/has got

Worksheet based on Camping vocab from Incredible English 3 Camping Unit. Practice for has got and has got with gap fill activity and one where they need to answer.

Countable and uncontable nouns ficha interactiva y descargable. Comprueba tus respuestas online o enviáselas a tu profesor/a.

Countable and uncontable nouns.

Present Simple or Present Continuous

Present Simple or Present Continuous worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers