At Home in Merida

Some of our friends and neighbors in Merida
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two women and a man are looking at something on the television screen while another woman holds up a piece of fabric
NBC's travel documentary, The Voyager, is part of a new programming series on environment, social change, wellness, and community involvement. During their episode on the Yucatan, I took host Josh Garcia to visit a henequen hacienda and one of my favorite artisans. #handcraftedyucatan #backstraploom #sustainablecommunities #haciendalife #nbcthevoyager
an older woman holding her hands together in front of trees
Joann Andrews
an older woman is peeling a banana with seeds in a bowl on the kitchen counter
Cooking in the Yucatán
Cooking in the Yucatán
a man sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a wall with graffiti
Nicolas Malleville at the Fundacion de Artistas in Merida
a man standing in a kitchen preparing food on a cutting board and surrounded by vegetables
Chef Jeremiah Tower finds third act in Mexico
American chef Jeremiah Tower prepares the kitchen at his home after shopping at local markets in Merida, Mexico.
a man standing in the doorway of an old stone building with no doors on it
Jeremiah Tower from The Last Magnificant
a woman standing in a room holding a vase
Laura Kirar shopping for antiques in Merida to furnish her hacienda
a woman in green shirt making bread on top of a yellow and white checkered table cloth
Monique Duval´s sour dough bread at the slow food market on Saturday mornings
three people sitting on a couch in front of a wall with paint peeling off it
Cook It Raw Cooks In Merida
Jeremiah Tower lives in Merida and dives in Cozumel. Here is participates in the first Cook it Raw project in Yucatan.
an older man standing in front of a doorway holding a tennis racquet to his head
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James hd Brown at Ford Wheeler´s home in Merida
two men standing next to each other near a table
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David Serrano and Robert Willson at home in Merida
two people sitting at a table with plates and glasses
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Erika Haarsch and Amor Munoz at the Michael Nyman concert Hacienda Ochil
two sculptures on the ground in an empty building
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Plantal Mathilde with Javier Marin Sculptures