"Vampiros Vegetarianos" - Remedios Varo, canvas, 1962

A website dedicated to the surrealist painter REMEDIOS VARO. on Remedios Varo.

The Encounter by Remedios Varo

"The Encounter," Remedios Varo - Remedios Varo was a Spanish Surrealist that the mainstream is not familiar with. Her work is simply amazing.

Remedios Varo- The Lovers.  Art Experience NYC  www.artexperiencenyc.com

➰The Lovers by Remedios Varo How little the computer screen does her art justice.

Remedios Varo - The Fern Cats

Remedios Varo (Spanish-Mexican, El Gato Helecho - The Fern Cat. All cats,even magic green ones,

Emigrantes. Remedios Varo.

surrealism: “Les emigrantes (The Emigrants) by Remedios Varo, Oil on canvas.

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