Puffy Paint Window Decorations -- Tape down stencil, tape wax paper over top (so nothing moves around), trace stencil with puff paint onto wax paper, let dry, peel off and stick on window!

I Have these cupcake wrappers! Super simple and cute DIY Christmas Garland using cupcake cases. This is a perfect last-minute Christmas craft for the kids.

A winter favorite, DIY paper snowflakes are a wonderful activity for the whole family. The Lost Boys (and girls) in your crew will love creating their own unique snowflakes. Hang in your home's windows for an added touch of winter.

Cute little made-to-order handmade Christmas ornaments. Nice touch to add one to gift wrap with the ribbon.

Estrella de orgami / Origami star (La Factoría Plástica)

However, beady eyes: Father Christmas strawberries. Torn between wanting to make some and feeling guilty buying strawberries out of season.