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DIY Camper Couch/Bed with storage. Photo 2

Have couch with two single mattresses, that stack while it's a couch. But joins to make double bed when pulled out. Under couch storage on wheels, so the whole thing is moveable.

a $30,000 Hitchcock's moving castle (including $5000 former school bus, $2000 maintenance and repair before ripping everything out; grinding down the rivets; adding insulation, electricity and plumbing; framing out areas for a bathroom, bedroom and garage; and building custom furniture and storage)

If this schoolie had a raised roof, and additional beds above the bathroom, we would move in no doubt.


This family transformed an old school bus into into a chic home. You'll find solar panels for efficiency, along with a wood burning stove and other old school amenities still rule in the English countryside.

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In fact, some fall in love with the great outdoors so much that sometimes such a retreat is later extended into a lifestyle. Such is the case for filmmaker Zach Both, who converted an empty cargo van into a one-of-a-kind camping van/work studio.