1.Remove the tags from two Hershey's Kisses. Cut out mouse ears from pink felt, about 3/8-inch high. Using double-sided carpet tape, affix the bottoms of the ears to the flat side of one of the Kisses.    2.Tape an 8-inch loop of fishing line behind the ears to form a hanger.    3.With more double-sided carpet tape, join together the two flat sides of the Hershey's Kisses, with the mouse ears and fishing line loop pointing up. Add a pair of self-adhesive googly eyes.    4.Slip a tail -- a…

Springtime Mickey Bark

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The Bolt USB Outlet

Clever Gadget Charging Outlets - The 'Bolt' USB Outlet Upgrades Your Power Sockets with USB Ports - Love Home Decor

Fun idea for a tween to make

37 Valentine's Day Crafts to Make From the Heart

Plenty of fun construction paper crafts for kids! Holidays, birthdays, or just any day, grab a pad of construction paper and get crafting with your little ones. We have plenty of construction paper crafts for you to browse.

¿CoMo APRENDEMOS en el Hogar: Manualidades Día de San Valentín, Recetas y Mucho Más! (Parte 2)

Sweet Mice Valentine's Day DIY craft: Made of two chocolate Hershey’s Kisses and a Heart-shaped Set of Ears. Too cute!

corazón pastillero  san valentin

BLOW MY HEART UP – Bubble Gum Valentine Craft & free printable. The newest and funnest Valentine craft idea for kids! i like this idea.it will be my inspiration for when the babies are a little older and actually decide to give valentines

DIY Plastic Bottle Penguins

What a cute idea for the girls to do for Christmas! 15 Plastic Bottles DIY Ideas – a Second Life