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a red background with the words, la creativdad es la intelenicia di
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La creatividad es la inteligencia divirtiéndose. ~Albert Einstein - Quixote Marketing Group
a woman is washing her hands in the sink
Tapi is a simple product that fits onto the faucet then when you need a fountain, simply squeeze the bottom outlet and redirect the water.
there is a collage of photos with tennis balls
i have plenty of tennis balls to try this with
an orange object sitting on top of a cloud shaped cookie tint with the words new in
Sunnyside Egg Shaper
an image of the front brake on a bike with instructions for how to use it
Kick Stand And Lock! - Yanko Design
cadenas pour vélo
three different types of knifes are shown in the same image, one is black and white
nesting knife set > designed by mia schmallenbach for degion
three empty water bottles with green caps on each one and the words easy drink written below
The 45-Degree Neck - Yanko Design
Easy Drink water bottles <3
a white coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table
Cool Gadgets Archives | Gadgetsin
The Floating Coffee
the lemon slicer is being used to cut fruit
citrus spray by papila studio unlocks the natural juices of your fruit
'citrus spray' is an attachment which one twists into oranges, lemons and limes to spray the juices of the fruit onto salads, seafood and other dishes to season them, or for flavoring soft drinks and cocktails.
two people sitting in bed covered with pink sheets
Quiero un nórdico de estos.
a hand reaching for peanuts in a bowl on a white surface with green trim around it
Uno para pipas, es urgente.
an inflatable bed for your car
Backseat Air Mattresses For Cars
YESS!!! Inflatable car bed. About TIME someone invented this.
a woman laying in a bubble chair under a tree
Translucent Seclusion, Live in a Bubble - Yanko Design
Para días de lluvia.
an assortment of food items displayed on shelves
Creative Packaging
a white bicycle with black spokes is standing up against a white wall and it's front wheel still attached to the frame
The Foolproof Lock - Yanko Design
GENIUS : saddle_lock6