This is a knit pattern to buy (in french) using it as inspiration to crochet something similar. Mag. 165 - No. 10 Sleeping Girl

Mag. 165 - n° 10 Turbulette fille

Mag 165 - - Girl's sleeping bag Patterns / how adorable is this/ / KNITTING pattern to purchase./ this is sooo cute!

Salopette et chaussons. Oh, my god. These are the most adorable ever!

Mag. 165 - n° 27 Salopette et baskets

Ranita Momo de algodón | Nottocbaby

Knitting Pattern For Beginners Baby Drawers Pattern Learn To Knit Diaper Cover DIY Newborn Knickers Organic Baby Clothing - knitting pattern


Un petit nid d’étoiles!/ A little nest of stars!