Thesaurus Charts - synonyms for common words

28 Mini Thesaurus Charts perfect for writing journals! Could adapt this to use with the mini books my kids mave

17 Ways to Say Goodbye in English & End Conversations Easily

Stop feeling awkward or nervous when you end a conversation in English! Use these 17 ways to say goodbye in English and end a conversation in any situation.

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Responses to Everyday Idioms for Beginners worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

8 Creepy Body Idioms You Can't Speak Without [Infographic]

Here is a great collection of idioms relating to the body from our friends over at Kaplan. Learn Body idioms with Kaplan If you enjoyed this article, get email updates (it's free).

Common Verb & Preposition Combinations in English

[Verbs + Prepositions] Collocation refers to a natural combination of words that are closely affiliated with each other.

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Funny pictures about British and American English. Oh, and cool pics about British and American English. Also, British and American English.

A short grammar guide and three exercises to practise common collocations with make, do, have and take. B&W version and KEY included. Hope it's useful mada :) - ESL worksheets


Learn English time idioms with Kaplan's illustration. Hit the big time and discover how to speak English using fun time idioms!