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two different logos with the words kota and solido in english, chinese and japanese
front brake pads for the porsche gt4
Pastillas de Freno
an image of a spooling wire with the words'cojo kp 1002
Damper Optra
the brochure is designed to look like an automobile engine
Publicidad de @kotaive en revistas especializadas
two boxes that have different types of objects in them on top of each other and one has a small metal object attached to it
Amortiguadores KOTAI
complete engine gasket set for the toyota 4jz - 5jz
Enpaques KOTAI
an image of a spooling wire with words describing it
Damper Vitara
the front end of a car with a sticker on it next to a white background
Amortiguador Mazda 323
an image of a black wheel and spool on a white background with words describing it
an image of a wheel and spool for the motor
Damper Kotai
the logo for total auto parts is shown in red and green letters on a white background
Kotai Autoparts