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No0 Soy C0omplicada, o eso Creo hahaha..Me consideroo Hippie de Ideologia, y me gusta relacionarme con todo tipo de gente sin discriminacion, al fin todos tenem

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Diferencia entre trombosis y embolia ..... esto es importante aprender a entender y diferenciar.

Diferencia entre trombosis y embolia - Difference between thrombosis and embolism

¿Conoces cuáles son todos los síntomas de la enfermedad celíaca? #salud #glutenfree

¿Conoces cuáles son todos los síntomas de la enfermedad celíaca? #salud #glutenfree

Reference guide for dermatology - describing a 'rash' (via Abbas Husain @abbashu)

Skin lesion terminology Reference guide for dermatology - describing a 'rash' (oral medicine )

Blood Pressure Chart - NREMT Test Prep and EMS Education Online Compete against your friends! Unlock Achievements! Thousands of test questions and an entire library of study material awaits! Pass on the First Try -- Guaranteed!

9 Simple Diet Tips To Keep High Blood Pressure In Control Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Then apart from getting medical advice here are some tips on using diet to control high blood pressure!

endocrine disorders

Endocrine Disorder Cheat Sheet -wish pcos was up there but it has alot ofvsymptoms as thyroid disorder

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Good Morning Yoga: minute morning sequence designed to wake up the body. Maybe good for an afternoon study break? Since I am NOT a morning person


Activation by Glass Planet. Surrealist illustration with cosmic moving pattern.

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence.

Happy Hips Yoga Sequence - Runners and the deskbound rejoice! Your tight hips will soon feel more open and relaxed. Just step onto your yoga mat or even the floor next to your computer and move through this hip-opening sequence.


Combat Jiggly Arms With This Dynamic Yoga Sequence. I hate yoga but I want strong arms.